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Competence center for gynecological diagnostics
Praxis Dr. Taghavi
Medical Center Düsseldorf

Competence centre for gynaecological diagnostics and therapy at the Medical Center Düsseldorf

Our practice offers comprehensive care based on the most modern and up-to-date scientific knowledge. With a central location in Dusseldorf and barrier-free accessibility via the lift, the practice is easily accessible for all patients. In a quiet and friendly atmosphere, patients can expect discreet and individualised support that focuses on humanity and continuous care. The dedicated team of gynaecology and obstetrics specialists guarantees the highest medical standards and intensive care during and after treatment. The in-house underground car park offers sufficient parking spaces and the information desk in the entrance area of the Medical Center Düsseldorf is available to answer patients' questions and concerns.

Center for Operative Gynecology

The Centre for Operative Gynaecology is a renowned facility specializing in the treatment of gynaecological diseases. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team of specialists, minimally invasive procedures and complex operations are carried out. The focus is always on the well-being of the patient. The best possible treatment is guaranteed through individual consultation and comprehensive aftercare.

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Rhenish Pelvic Floor Center

The Rhineland Pelvic Floor Centre is a highly specialised facility that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Thanks to the close cooperation between gynaecologists, urologists and physiotherapists, the centre offers interdisciplinary care at the highest medical level. The best possible results are achieved here using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods as well as a therapy plan individually tailored to the patient.

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